posh with rock’n’roll spirit

hey scandalists!

there is this summer trend to wear a skirt and a tank top. at first i thought it was ok, but wtf??!!!! now so many gals r dressed according to this poshi trend.

i do hate trends, its so 21st century. it started with ikea i think – everyone buys at ikea so everyone got the same table, drinking glasses and living rooms.

the uber-post modern times we live in are so conformat. i hate it. and as the place u live in is smaller u can see that the people are just like a herd.

but hey, what can i do ?

if u cant beat them beat them harder! or just fuck it and give them what they want.

so here is a pic for all the posh ladies who love the skirt look: here u can see that using “scandal seven” u can be trendi but with rock’n’roll spirit

how to be trendi with rnr spirit

wear this cool yellow tank top by scandal seven with a black sexy dress, put some metal on it and now u will rise above all the poshi fashion victims!

check out more cool tank tops at: www.scandalseven.com

keep on rockin!


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