Scandal Seven welcome the darkness

Hey Scandalists! it’s been a while..

been working on some new designs since the last post. in addition, sales were good and left not enough time to write for the Scandal Seven news blog. one of the sales was for a cool store in Japan! which is very cool.

The new designs, or small collection if u’d like, called “welcome the darkness” are inspired by the punk & anarchy movment. 90% of the designs are black, with some color games of dark on dark and punk & anarchistic slogans and innuendoes.

Since the Japanese store bought some tops before i even shot them, here r 2 of them:
pink scandal seven zebra 80's top
this pink scandal seven zebra 80’s top is a limited edition of 20 units (almost half were bought by Little-Rock from Japan)
the zebra stripes are real zebra stripes i took picture of for this design (dont ask…)


and for the guys, a black T: NO GODS NO MASTERS (think about it)
scandal seven no gods no masters men T


stay tune for more pics of the “welcome the darkness” designs.


2 Responses to “Scandal Seven welcome the darkness”

  1. roz Says:

    im dying for the pink!

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