kanye universe city scandal

we at Scandal Seven are not those to check out Kanye Wests’ blog.

it’s not that we dont dig Kanye, how us scandalists can not? Kanye is no doubt one hell of a scandalist these days, after all that occured with the  award and bla bla bla.

but, it was the hand of faith that we came across Kanyes’ blog and f%#k me it’s a great blog!!

very refreshing.

it’s just great pics, fashion, design, cars, girls and some words, mostly not a lot of them.

the pictures, topics and word selection is something to learn from. when needed theres nothing more than a pic and a word, when on the other hand you can find a post with many pics and a stream of words.

so even if your not a Kanye fanatic, his blog is a great place for cool. and there arnt that many!!

check this out: http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com


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