yesterday, the New York Times posted an article saying that the vinyl records are back. they say that the IPOD GENERATION start to buy vinyl records and even turn tables.

The new york times is a serious newspaper, so they even got some numbers from Nielsen Soundscan showing that vinyl records been climbing steadily for some years now and bla bla bla….

i guess its true, but i dont find any surprise in that. i sold all my vinyl records years ago. oh, and i trashed my record player. but i put on my wall some record covers i like such as THE BEATLES Sgt. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and SEPULTURAS’ BENETH THE REMAINS. i did it cos i love the art work.

i knew that nothing can replace a record cover. it’s just the right size u know? being a metalhead i love the art work of so many record covers, and a cd cover is too small. but i had so much available space in my flat without all those records!!

the best thing about cd covers is that u can sit and read all the lyrics of your favorite songs, and it’s pretty small and not huge like those found in vinyl records. but i trashed all my cd’s with their plastic covers (that gets broken all the time) too. i did it cos i got all my music as DATA and not physical form such as a vinyl record or a cd. i have so much giga of music but it aint taking any space, now that i store my data on small devices i can carry wherever i go.

that was a revolution. and its great! and if i want some art work or lyrics i get them in a sec on the internet.

so why i dont find the increase of vinyl records a surprise? cos i knew it will happen someday.

first of all, there are so many DJs nowadays and as someone who djing i must say nothing is like an analog turn table. i hate djing with the computer or the new digital cd turn tables or dj software. it’s not the same. u cant scratch like u should and with all these new shit, the dj work is too easy.

in addition, for all those kids of the ipod generation, a vinyl record is something new. they dont know what it is. they were born to the internet, they use data that they can get very fast.

so those kids want something new. they want what they can’t have. it’s like hot rods cars and restoration of great cars from the 1950’s.

before there was internet, u needed to use your legs and go to find your favorite music. now the kids have to do the same in order to find a vinyl record of LED ZEPPELIN so they can listen to the warm sound of a vinyl and look at the great art work, and holding it not the mouse.

as a guitar player, i love and have analog amp from the early 80’s, guitar from the 70’s and effects from the early 90’s. nothing sounds better than that. that is why there are all those plug-ins of tube amps for computer recordings. but it’s not the same as a real tube amp recordings. 

so this is not a surprise for me, just as it will not be a surprise if in the future kids will be more puritans than we r now, they will want to meet with real friends and not cyber friends they have never meet.


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