Rage against Christmas!!

Once upon a time England was responsible for “other” music, non mainstream, kicking. Young DAVID BOWIE, THE SEX PISTOLS, THE HAPPY MONDAYS etc…

Today England idolizes pop music. This is where SIMON COWELL came from, the most influential person on music today.

But some brits are fed up with that.

The brain behind the talent TV show X FACTOR is the man and the legend Simon Cowell. He got great instincts for mega hits since the 80’s, and for that chapeau.

As the man charged for the X FACTOR frenzy, he made a very smart move by schedule the x factor finals in the middle of the Christmas / holidays season.

The single which Britons buy the most in the last 3 weeks of December gets to be the “Christmas song” in Britain, which means it get to be played on the radio all the time. In the last years the Christmas song is the winning x factor song.  Kinda shitti situation indeed.

So this year some people had enough of this capitalist conformist pop fucked up situation and decided to do something about it.

These days, the best way to reach a critic mass and get to the people is using Facebook.

So they opened a group with a great idea – stick it to the man and get a different song to b the Christmas song this year. And just any song, one of the best suited songs for this war against the system: “killing in the name “by Rage against the machine.

The song was released in 1992 and was a great rock hit; kicking against the establishment, so there’s really no better song then that for this occasion.

A small thing that makes me smile is that “killing in the name” is not a radio song cos of the word FUCK that repeats numerous time in the great line “fuck you, I wont do what you tell me!”

The best thing is that it fucking works! There are more than 800,000 members in this facebook group, and counting. On Monday, the big online music shops said Rage sells better than x factor winner JOE McELDERRYS’ song.

I hope the struggle will hold on and that we, the misfits, will win.





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2 Responses to “Rage against Christmas!!”

  1. Dorothy Poole Says:

    Do you honestly believe this vile song will be played over and over again on christmas day, a religious celebration, I don’t think so, none of the station can afford to lose out on ratings. What’s wrong with a talent show, it helps young people fulfill a dream, just as the talent shows before X Factor. Artists who win talent shows decades ago are still in the business today. I certainly hope young Joe wins the battle, prior to the X Factor he was studying for a Diploma to enable him to go into the music industry. He has worked hard over the past three months which have gone towards his Diploma, and is a worthy winner. I do hope he gets to number 1 for christmas. I definitely know what i would want to listen to over over again and it certainly wouldn’t be a killing in the name of. What have they done to prove they still have what it takes? Put a song of 27 years onto the internet and lured youngster to the site to download it. The song is so repetitive and TALENTLESS, and a waste of money

    • s7news Says:

      hi dear,
      first let me say thank u for your comment.
      second, i dont have nothing against talet shows or little Joe.
      the thing is that i dont like pop music. i guess u do.
      but its not about music, its about not being a sheap on the conformist capitalistic system.
      simon cowell is not doing what he does for music, he is doing it for money. talents show are for the producers pockets. belive me i know what im talking about as untill 2 years ago i was one of those cinical people like simon is.
      if we r talking about talent, as u wrote that rage against the machine got no talent, i dont think those shows where a singer sing someone elses song its not talent. most pop singers arnt talented – they are puppets in the hand of talented producers.

      btw check out the SCANDAL SEVEN site: http://www.scandalseven.com

      have a great week

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