As stated in a few media channels such as VOGUE, the hot hot hot rock band KINGS OF LEON has just launched their own clothing collection.

We got nothing against it, on the contrary, we at Scandal Seven are all for collaborations and street & rock apparel. they are not the first to launch a collection and will not be the last to do so. but this time it’s smells so much of capitalism and exploration of the fans, it makes us sick. and why? cos the collection products cost too much for the average rocker. Furthermore, it will be sold only in selected retailers. in London u can find it only in BlueBird on King’s Road in Chelsea. King’s Road!!! Chelsea!!!! so only reach rockers can buy?! come on, give me a break…

The collection itself is not that bad, very cool stuff. the leather jacket looks awesome. but the prices..hhhhh a bandana costs 65 GB pound !!! a guitar strap for 209 GB pound LOL ! click here to check the collection & prices

Any pop star that would make such a capitalistic move is ok, but not a rock band. this is so un-cool. sure, it’s not the band’s decision, it’s their management which want to capitalise on KOL’s success, and it’s fine. but as a band with so many fans and record sales they have the power, they have responsibility. other bands such as PEARL JAM had very big clashes with their management about ticket prices etc. LOU REED made a shitty album full of noise just cos the record company he was signed with at the time, forced him to record an album.

So think about it. this is not rock n roll, this is POP!!


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