THIRTENN by DANZIG is playing in the background. I’ve in motorcycle mood since yesterday. my BLACK CHOPPER and me drinking the miles in USA, dark clouds above and asphalt to fuel  my soul.

As much as I would like that, this is hardly the case.  the dark skies part is, living in LONDON in the winter months, listening to the lyrics of thirteen .

LONDON is such a CITY , a real big metropolitan, the real thing. this helmet above, designed by KARL LAGERFELD for LES ATELIER RUBY is definitely not for the long rides in CALIFORNIA on my chopper, but will be cool on city chicks.

Lagerfelds’ helmets are from 2009 and they not for everyone’s budget, but they are very cool and chic. At  BOTIQUE RUBY you can find very stylish helmets and more collaborations , with much attention to details.

Some helmets in LAGERFELDS HELMET COLLECTION, designed with MINK FUR OR PEARLS are something else. They cross the line, a very thin line when it comes to motorcycles, and it is: DONT OVER DO IT . but this concept might be too much for designers such Lagerfeld, even tough one must hand it to him, his designes are very good and he created a very unique collection.MOMO DESIGN have lots of cool very succeful helmets.  here are some more designed cool helmets for those cool city riders.



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