as you well know SCANDAL SEVEN love rock. our graphics are highly influenced by the metal music and attitude. we were not be here unless bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and more. they are the ones to make the soundtrack to our youth and for other people and designers around the world, and some of SCANDAL SEVENs designs are a token of our appreciation for  those great rockers.

a great combination of appreciation for both rock and fashion can be found in the new work of the Swedish duo Sandberg&Timonen. they made a limited edition BLACK T-SHIRTS with prints of legendary fashion designers such as ALBER ELBAZ, MIUCCIA PRADA, RICK OWENS, SONIA RUKIEL. the thing is that the graphics look as ROCK TOUR TEES we all know, with fonts of THE SCORPIONS, AC/DC and others.

the shirts will be exhibited in PARIS, and you must agree that the idea is really cool.

very commercial thinking behind it but hey, we must hand it to them.


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One Response to “DESIGNERS ROCK”

  1. danny Shafrir Says:

    we need one with your face on.
    Keep on rocking.

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