It’s been a while. the winter on the one hand and getting ready for the summer on the other, plus all the craziness in the world just don’t seem to end soon just  made the MUSE fly out of the window. untill now.

MYSPACE is heading down since the rise of FACEBOOK. but it’s still the place for artists. if one want to find music, the best place to know about the artist in seek is MYSPACE.

So I started hearing about this Israeli band called EATLIZ which is Hebrew for MEAT STORE. great name! the band are all guys and one singer LEE TRIFFON. she is bloody great. vocal wise and attitude too. her style is very intelligent too.

Their music is very rock oriented, the guys love the DISTORTION PEDALL, and must be influenced by MARS VOLTA, but the guitars are much more tight than OMAR ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZS’ . the production is wide and i can hear some PRIMUS and METAL influences. all together hug LEEs’ wonderful singing voice. this girl, who sings outside eatliz on her SOLO PROJECT, got the right specific sound for the music. her job is not easy but she’s handling it very well!

Now, BJORK is a name not to fool with. she’s the bomb and she’s got a fucking impressive resume behind her. A young, might be up and coming band shouldn’t deal with something like a BJORK SONG.

Unless of course, they kick asssssssssssssssss

EATLIZ COVER TO BJORKS’ ARMY OF ME is better than the original !!! check it out !


4 Responses to “EAT LIZ”

  1. NiKii Says:

    I love these guys!
    Besides their brilliant music, they also give it for free, can I ask for anythink more? 🙂

  2. Kukla Says:

    Love Eatliz!!!

  3. Tenacious D Says:

    Very cool cover, rock’n’roll is alive and kicking.
    We all missed the ‘blog of the year’ and its back with a bang (and a blitz).

    Keep on rocking in the free world.

  4. someone Says:

    how can you say it’s better then the original?!
    with all the respect for eatliz and ther is, but this cover is no better than some teenage metal band can do!

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