Female rockers have a hard life. Rock is dominated by men. It has always and forever be this way. There’s something very muscular in playing hard rock. That’s why pop is so good for female artists. But when u find a good female rockers they are f*&%ing great!

CHRISSIE HYNDE, PATTI SMITH and L7 are three of the best. COURTNEY LOVE and HOLE is not worth mention as HOLE is not all girls and COURTNEY got nothing of herself, she is more of an imitation of those rockers mentioned above and others, and I think if she wouldn’t get KURT COBAIN we wouldn’t be hearing about her and she would probably be dead by now.
BABES IN TOYLAND is a great example of the real deal. I had the opportunity to play as their support band in one of their gigs and while getting drunk with the girls in the dressing room I understood they are not like other “regular” girls, so I guess female rockers who did become known or “BIG” are a rare kinds of girls. They don’t take shit from no one, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When talking about female rockers and bands like L7 which I love so much, one must pop THE RUNAWAYS. They are not that well known as a band but JOAN JETT and LITA FORD are names we all know.

A movie about the runaways is due out in Spring 2010. KRISTEN STEWART will play Joan Jett and DAKOTA FANNING as CHERIE CURRIE the bands lead singer. Great castings, as the two of them are great actresses, but no one knows if they are able to get the specific FUCK YOU attitude of the two SCANDALISTIC rockers.
After checking some pics and stuff on the net, my guess is DAKOTA won’t have what it takes to be a good CURRIE. She is a wonderful actress so she’ll give a great show, but she lacks the anger and balls of Currie. STEWART on the other hand will look and feel very much as the one and only JOAN JETT. But we will never know until we’ll see the flick.

One must wonder what the teenagers of today will think of the movie, as they are so into BYONCE and LADY GAGA which are the opposite of the great RUNAWAYS.
The thing about the runaways is that every single one of them looked like a wet dream! They had it all – they new how to rock, they were sexy and dangerous as hell, they had such punk rock attitude that many guys wished they had.
They were the first generation. All those who came after them, as great as they were, are a shadow of the female rockers of the 70’s.
If the film is successful, we might start to see girls wearing outfits inspired by THE RUNAWYS, which will be very cool.

Cherie Currie - great outfit for glam rock babe

One good outcome of this movie is that in the years to come we will see some great female rockers who in the future will tell the media they were influenced by this movie.

Oh, and btw, sorry for those rockers not mentioned in this post.


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