At April 1st I was in a street-wear event in Tel-Aviv, Israel, for 3 days (mobile pics of my gal wearing some new scandal seven summer tops are below) so I hadn’t have time to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of DR. MARTENS.

new scandal seven tops for summer 2010 at the urban event ( courtesy of my mobile phone)

I don’t think I know a person who didn’t have a pair of DR. MARTENS. and to think that a working class, simple shoe with not lots of marketing budget and media coverage everywhere  got to be so well known around the world is crazy.

It was skinheads shoe, punks and misfits. and just like all good stuff it got to the mainstream. but the beauty of the docs is that they didn’t really changed in the last 50 years. they are just the same now as they ever been.

There’s nothing much to tell about Dr. Martens (which is not the name of the manufacturer or the inventor of the iconic shoe), so if you need more info here are some great stuff other people who had more time than me made about the subject:

A great short film about DM:

The most boring movie ever:

The DM site:


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