It’s a shock. a few minutes ago SKY news published that MALCOLM MACLAREN died at the age of 64.

MacLaren was born in a London suburb on 22 January 1946. His father left when he was two and he was raised by his grandmother, Rose Corre Isaacs, in STOKE NEWINGTON (I didnt know this fact and i lived there until last month).

After being expelled from some art colleges he had been attracted to the SITUATIONIST MOVEMENT, which promoted absurdist and provocative actions as a way of enacting social change. this can be later seen in his activities with the punk movement.

In 1971 he opened with his partner VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, the London clothing shop LET IT ROCK on KINGS ROAD. but all of these things are not the important stuff.

With all the things Maclaren did before and after, he will always be remembered as the manager of the SEX PISTOLS – one of the most important bands ever. he could have been remembered as the NEW YORK DOLLS manager, but they split up A.S.AP and would never be famous like the pistols.

Some would say bad things of Maclaren as a person and a manager, but it makes no different. he gave us so much, he publicized the punk movement like no one else and was a pillar of sub-culture movements. he was a man to learn from.

He knew what is going on and what is about to go on, and he helped it happen. if it’s punk or S&M, music or clothes, he was there in the first days of rap music too and made the great chillout albu, PARIS in the first days of chillout music. so one must hand it to him.

For us at SCANDAL SEVEN it’s a sad day. one of our heroes died today.

Those of you who are not familiar with his works should check them out NOW!


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