Since this morning THE MISFITS been playing here at SCANDAL SEVEN HEADQUARTER PA SYSTEM. I’ve found out that the speed of their music, combined with the feel-good vibe and morbid attitude of it helps the work here move much faster. who would have thought the misfits can help business….

While waiting for an important e-mail, i come across the GUCCI AND MARK RONSON SNEAKERS COLLABORATION.

Ronson is such a talented musician (yes, he is not the typical rocker we at Scandal Seven like so much, but he’s a great genuine producer ) and Gucci is such a mammoth fashion label, it got my attention.

Gucci doesn’t make you think about the street, about urban life. it makes you think about reach people and bling. maybe this is the reason they joined the English musician. working with Ronson is a great MARKETING IDEA to promote GUCCI NEW LONDON BASED STORE.

The “sneakers” they designed are very suitable to Mark Ronson. they look like something he will wear.

Not only the shows GUCCI AND RONSON DESIGNED are expensive as hell, cost around 500$-600$, you can’t enter the MOSH-PIT wearing them!!!

So guys, stick to your real sneakers and leather boots, put some MISFITS on and kick someone!!


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  1. wallernotweller Says:

    hey, i reviewd the misfits here…..

    those shoes is ugly

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