Good news on the morning are great. and this one is a big one no doubt: DANZIG TO RELEASE A NEW STUDIO ALBUM !!!

Glenn Danzig – a legend in his own life – was recording a new album through 2009 and it should be out June 22nd.

The new album is titled DETH RED SABAOTH, and the art work was designed by Joe Chiodo, who has worked on graphic novels and comic books such as X-MEN UNLIMITED, and of course with DANZIGS’ publishing line.

danzig new album coverThe album was recorded like they used to record in the old days, the “pre technology era”. As Danzig started his music career in the mid-70’s, it’s like getting back to the roots, and it’s the right way to record heavy, round, wet music like Danzigs’.

In the new album Glenn Danzig play bass, PRONG guitarist Tommy Victor on guitars and Johnny Kelly – drummer of TYPE O NEGATIVE (who lost their frontman this week) – hits the drums. man it looks like this album is something to wait for!!

Check out Danzig myspace page for more details: http://www.myspace.com/danzig


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