I dont get, well i do get it, but i hate it. you open a FASHION MAGAZINE, lets say one like ANOTHER magazine, which is  one of the best ones out there, and you see an editorial with ROCK as the concept (it’s a concept lots of fashion mags using these days as rock is in style again). It’s a great concept for an editorial, but what do you see inside? GUCCI, CALVIN KLEIN, JIL SANDER, GIVENCHY…PRADA (!!!)  etc…

I say come on!!!!!!!!!!! wtf???!!! is this rock for ya? it’s high fashion for guys who got lots of money. for men who wax their body all day and care just about money and doing lunch in IT PLACES.

This is not rock. the inspiration for the garments might come from guys like us, rockers who knows that a MOSH PIT is not a hype restaurant in New York, but even those of us who got tattoos under their suits will laugh at it.

T shirt by Scandal Seven. This is ROCK

But what the hell? do we care? we know who we are. ACDC said it great: fot those about to rock, we salute you!



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