In the last 24 hours the web was full with rumors regrading RONNIE JAMES DIOs’ death.  the news was so shocking that it took some time and some reliable resources untill we understood that the little man with the great voice past away.

We all new he is not a young guy anymore, but I think no one ever thought that this rocker will ever die. even when it was announced that DIO has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, it still didn’t look like he’ll be gone some day.

There is no point of telling the epic metal story of RJD who was born in 1942 and released his first record in 1958, he was loved by all metalheads around the world, and we’ll respect every aspect of his career for the rest of our lives.

Here he is in a great collaboration with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, singing the way only he can AEROSMITH’s DREAM ON


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