All metal heads know about the DAVE MUSTAINE vs METALLICA fiasco. Mustaine was Metallicas’ original guitarist and they through him off the band in 1983. since than those guys had rivers of bad blood between.
Now a new day has arrived. a day I never thought will ever come. see Dave Mustaine and Metallica on one stage performing together! hell must be frizzing now.
THE BIG FOUR are touring this summer. the big 4 are thrash metals’ greatest: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.
Not only it’s a must see gig, in the show in Bulgaria they (accept Slayer members which where missed) performed a song TOGETHER !!! now that’s what I call a historian moment in heavy metal !
The song is DIAMONDS HEADS’ Am I evil, a song that Metallica covered years ago. seeing them all together on one stage was amazing. seeing Dave and Hatfield was unbelievable.

Here is a footage from the show:

And here is the original:


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