Back in the 90’s I was a “boots only” guy. The only footwear I had was cowboy boots. I had lots of them. I was fanatic. But things have changed and for the last ten years I’ve been a sneakers guy. Its not the comfort only, it’s the fact that one can be more versatile wearing sneakers.
There are so many new cool sneakers out there these days, it’s hard to find something I must have.

For me, SKULLS are something that will always catch my eye. I like things with skulls on them. One of my favorite foot wear are my black VANS flip flops with white skulls on. I love them so much, so when i saw the MASTERMIND JAPAN & ADIDAS sneakers collaboration I immediately fell in love.

They got my name written all over them!!!! They are very 90’s, they are black and the skull is not only a good one, it’s in a perfect position.

Mastermind JAPAN is a great street wear label with this skull as the logo. They are very cool and got great products. check this link to reed more and check out more pics of these PERFECT sneakers:

These  sneakers are not the first foot wear  collaboration Mastermind JAPAN have done. They had a good one with CONVERSE, but I didn’t like it as much as the one with ADIDAS.

If we are talking about Converse, check out the new sneakers they’ll launch soon:

These sneakers are one of three designs that are a tribute to the one and only, guitar god JIMI HENDRIX.

What I like about the design above is the attention to details and the use of different materials rather than just print on a shoe. The golden pattern on this foot wear is a homage to one of Hendrix’s most known coats (which I love ):

The Hendrix Converse sneakers will be out on August, so until then check them out at FRESHNESS


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