SLAYERS’ REIGN IN BLOOD album is one of the best metal albums of all times. Since 1996 ’till the day I’ll die I will listen to it and it will make me feel great every time.

Another thing that makes me feel good is REIGN IN BLONDE, the METAL blog of “Two tall, blonde chicks who bring the metal” as they say about themselves. Julia and Elise are those two blonds who makes my day.

They like metal music (Julia loves LAMB OF GOD and I do too, so it’s great for me) and what they bring to the web is not just metal news, but silly stuff, strange vids and other stuff that metal heads will like and most of the time, only metal heads will understand and appreciate.

REIN IN BLONDE is one of the few blogs I find myself on for lots more than few short minutes, so here is a link for you guys:


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