June 24, 2010

All metal heads know about the DAVE MUSTAINE vs METALLICA fiasco. Mustaine was Metallicas’ original guitarist and they through him off the band in 1983. since than those guys had rivers of bad blood between.
Now a new day has arrived. a day I never thought will ever come. see Dave Mustaine and Metallica on one stage performing together! hell must be frizzing now.
THE BIG FOUR are touring this summer. the big 4 are thrash metals’ greatest: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.
Not only it’s a must see gig, in the show in Bulgaria they (accept Slayer members which where missed) performed a song TOGETHER !!! now that’s what I call a historian moment in heavy metal !
The song is DIAMONDS HEADS’ Am I evil, a song that Metallica covered years ago. seeing them all together on one stage was amazing. seeing Dave and Hatfield was unbelievable.

Here is a footage from the show:

And here is the original:



June 21, 2010

Trail X biker Julien Dupont visited Israel this month courtesy of RED BULL.

He took his bike to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to grind the streets and my good friend Snow shot his visit.

It’s funny how all those freestyle bikers make it looks so easy, but man it’s not!

So here is one of the videos. enjoy and don’t try this at home.


June 18, 2010

A great way to start the weekend is to check one of my favorite blogs and find a new post about Scandal Seven.

The west coast blog PurpleCuff’s posted this coverage of 2 new Scandal Seven summer designs for women. It’s the second time they post something about us, and since we like the west coast so much, it makes them officially our friends!

Have a great weekend…


May 18, 2010

That was fast. less than 24 hours ago RIMA FAKIH announced as MISS AMERICA, and now we can see her pics at the MOJO IN THE MORNING web site, dancing infront of a strippers poll in a STRIPPERS contest in 2007.

new miss usa shakin' it well in 2007

Mojo says the pics arn’t that scandalous, even tough one must doubt that in a strippers contest she was wearing her cloths  all the time. Miss USA pageant officials contact mojo for all the pics they got, so lets see how this scandal will end.


May 17, 2010

Well the summer is on his way, some places got more sun and warmth than others, but it’s gonna be hot hot hot.

So after long months in London, here are three new designs for the hot 2010 sumer. These three are part of the SCANDAL SEVEN SUMMER 2010 COLLECTION which will soon be out, but for the meantime I had to show them off.

no gods no masters tank top

no gods no masters tank top

This black tank top is 100% cotton with 2 colors silk screen print: light grey and bubble-gum pink. on the back side there’s a print of one of the small Scandal Seven logos, also in bubble-gum pink ( you can see it here ).

People think this shirt is against religion, but the NO GODS NO MASTERS is not about that. It’s about FREEDOM.

logo thrash tank top

The “thrash” definition for this specific tank top come from “THRASH METAL” – heavy, grinding and speedy genre of HEAVY METAL, invented by bands such as METALLICA, SLAYER etc. Since there are no seams at the neck and arm holes of this tank top, it got a thrashi sexy look.

It is made of 100% cotton, silk screen Scandal Seven logo print on the front and Scandal Seven writing on the upper back side ( which you can see here )

sonic forever T

This Tee is a trendy grey 100% cotton, with two colors silk screen print of white and bubble-gum pink (yes i like this color…and it goes great with grey) and a black Scandal Seven writing on the upper back side ( which you can see here ). It has a big round neck line for a very sexy look.

The writing says SONIC FOREVER, which is our way to remind you guys to keep on rocking!!


May 17, 2010

In the last 24 hours the web was full with rumors regrading RONNIE JAMES DIOs’ death.  the news was so shocking that it took some time and some reliable resources untill we understood that the little man with the great voice past away.

We all new he is not a young guy anymore, but I think no one ever thought that this rocker will ever die. even when it was announced that DIO has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, it still didn’t look like he’ll be gone some day.

There is no point of telling the epic metal story of RJD who was born in 1942 and released his first record in 1958, he was loved by all metalheads around the world, and we’ll respect every aspect of his career for the rest of our lives.

Here he is in a great collaboration with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, singing the way only he can AEROSMITH’s DREAM ON


May 10, 2010

I dont get, well i do get it, but i hate it. you open a FASHION MAGAZINE, lets say one like ANOTHER magazine, which is  one of the best ones out there, and you see an editorial with ROCK as the concept (it’s a concept lots of fashion mags using these days as rock is in style again). It’s a great concept for an editorial, but what do you see inside? GUCCI, CALVIN KLEIN, JIL SANDER, GIVENCHY…PRADA (!!!)  etc…

I say come on!!!!!!!!!!! wtf???!!! is this rock for ya? it’s high fashion for guys who got lots of money. for men who wax their body all day and care just about money and doing lunch in IT PLACES.

This is not rock. the inspiration for the garments might come from guys like us, rockers who knows that a MOSH PIT is not a hype restaurant in New York, but even those of us who got tattoos under their suits will laugh at it.

T shirt by Scandal Seven. This is ROCK

But what the hell? do we care? we know who we are. ACDC said it great: fot those about to rock, we salute you!



April 22, 2010

Good news on the morning are great. and this one is a big one no doubt: DANZIG TO RELEASE A NEW STUDIO ALBUM !!!

Glenn Danzig – a legend in his own life – was recording a new album through 2009 and it should be out June 22nd.

The new album is titled DETH RED SABAOTH, and the art work was designed by Joe Chiodo, who has worked on graphic novels and comic books such as X-MEN UNLIMITED, and of course with DANZIGS’ publishing line.

danzig new album coverThe album was recorded like they used to record in the old days, the “pre technology era”. As Danzig started his music career in the mid-70’s, it’s like getting back to the roots, and it’s the right way to record heavy, round, wet music like Danzigs’.

In the new album Glenn Danzig play bass, PRONG guitarist Tommy Victor on guitars and Johnny Kelly – drummer of TYPE O NEGATIVE (who lost their frontman this week) – hits the drums. man it looks like this album is something to wait for!!

Check out Danzig myspace page for more details: http://www.myspace.com/danzig


April 15, 2010

When something is good there is no reason not to post it.

Louis Vuitton got a great summer limited edition collection for 2010. it’s so well crafted, so nouveau and uplifting we must bring you some words and pics to check it out yourself.

Japanese POP ART artist TAKASHI MURKAKAMI is the man behind the COSMIC BLOSSOM collection. he took the iconic monograms of LV and designed some tops, shoes and bags. not only they are  cool, the pieces are  great for a MIX AND MATCH look for going out to the streets this summer.


April 13, 2010

Since this morning THE MISFITS been playing here at SCANDAL SEVEN HEADQUARTER PA SYSTEM. I’ve found out that the speed of their music, combined with the feel-good vibe and morbid attitude of it helps the work here move much faster. who would have thought the misfits can help business….

While waiting for an important e-mail, i come across the GUCCI AND MARK RONSON SNEAKERS COLLABORATION.

Ronson is such a talented musician (yes, he is not the typical rocker we at Scandal Seven like so much, but he’s a great genuine producer ) and Gucci is such a mammoth fashion label, it got my attention.

Gucci doesn’t make you think about the street, about urban life. it makes you think about reach people and bling. maybe this is the reason they joined the English musician. working with Ronson is a great MARKETING IDEA to promote GUCCI NEW LONDON BASED STORE.

The “sneakers” they designed are very suitable to Mark Ronson. they look like something he will wear.

Not only the shows GUCCI AND RONSON DESIGNED are expensive as hell, cost around 500$-600$, you can’t enter the MOSH-PIT wearing them!!!

So guys, stick to your real sneakers and leather boots, put some MISFITS on and kick someone!!