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July 8, 2010

DODGE CHALLENGER is a great muscle car, and it has been for years. For decades it has been a great combination of what one should seek in a car: shape and performance.
The thing with AMERICAN CARS is that they are American, which means they are big on size and big on gasoline. So in our time and age it’s hard to find parking space for them in the city and they cost a lot to maintain.
BUT if you got the bug, nothing will stop you, and that’s why the american motor industry needs to bring us new products all the time.

Two cool new beasts from Dodge is what we got.
The Challenger SRT8 Furious Fuchsia editions is a special edition to mark the 40th Anniversary of the legendary Dodge Challenger. The thing on this challenger is the color. I don’t know even one guy who would be ought dead driving a fuchsia car, land I don’t care about the HEMI V-8 engine under the hood.

Dodge furious fuchsia

It got all that a challenger need (read here) and it got a great interior, as you can see in the next pic, but I’d rather my HEMI loving woman to drive in rather than myself.

beautiful interior for the dodge furious fuchsia

I would like to see myself driving the special-edition MOPAR 2010 Dodge Challenger. Now this is a mens car!
This crazy ride will be manufactured in limited number of only 500 examples worldwide!! I’d like to put my hands on one of them and burn some robber.
Check this video for some words from Mopar and Dodge people about this one of a kind car: