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November 7, 2010

Scandal Seven got some cool summer 2011 samples for you scandalists to buy first!!

You guys can get them at “sense of fashion”. click here to read all about it


scandal seven salute the ramones

July 10, 2009

Its funny how with time we get to romanticize everything.
Look at how we are talking about New York of the seventies, about the NY punk movement of the time, with the drugs and prostitution and filth on the streets.
With the then so fast songs of the Ramones and didi suck off men’s cock in dark street corners for a shot of heroin.

What then was the slime of the earth is now god.

SCANDAL SEVEN wants you to remember that you can never know…

And here they are, four misfits kids who said fuck it, let’s rock!
SCANDAL SEVEN salute one of the best bands ever: THE RAMONES
Hey ho, let’s go