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November 7, 2010

Scandal Seven got some cool summer 2011 samples for you scandalists to buy first!!

You guys can get them at “sense of fashion”. click here to read all about it



December 2, 2009

hey scandalists!

here is a pic of one of SCANDAL SEVEN t-shirts for men.
this pic come from the current issue of HAMBURG based EPO magazine, which is an urban magazine published world wide via internet.

SCANDAL SEVEN @ EPO ezine Hamburg


November 29, 2009

Theres no doubt that the SCANDAL SEVEN PINK ZEBRA 80’s FIT is a hit.

The limited edition women top which only 30 units were made of, is a 100% italian cotton with black silk screen zebra strips print on the front and a black scandal seven written on the back.

Only 3 left. so click the picture above and go to the SCANDAL SEVEN ONLINE SHOP and get in NOW!!

posh with rock’n’roll spirit

August 4, 2009

hey scandalists!

there is this summer trend to wear a skirt and a tank top. at first i thought it was ok, but wtf??!!!! now so many gals r dressed according to this poshi trend.

i do hate trends, its so 21st century. it started with ikea i think – everyone buys at ikea so everyone got the same table, drinking glasses and living rooms.

the uber-post modern times we live in are so conformat. i hate it. and as the place u live in is smaller u can see that the people are just like a herd.

but hey, what can i do ?

if u cant beat them beat them harder! or just fuck it and give them what they want.

so here is a pic for all the posh ladies who love the skirt look: here u can see that using “scandal seven” u can be trendi but with rock’n’roll spirit

how to be trendi with rnr spirit

wear this cool yellow tank top by scandal seven with a black sexy dress, put some metal on it and now u will rise above all the poshi fashion victims!

check out more cool tank tops at:

keep on rockin!

e-modeling the site

July 29, 2009

hey scandalists!

we r e-modeling the site.

feel free to check it out.

in a week or two the boys designs will be upploaded to it so u can check it all up: seven site

scandal seven goes online shopping

July 6, 2009

hey scandalists!

you guys asked 4 it, so here u go.

we got a scandalicious online store! to make your buy more scandalistic the shipment is FREE!! ( for now…hhhh)

click the pic to enter SCANDAL SEVEN ONLINE STORE

free shipment @ scandal seven online store

new summer designs

July 6, 2009

hey scandalists !

check out these cool new designs for this summer.

the pink one is 100% cotton 80’s style limited edition shirt, great for the hot summer days.

the grey is an indulging viscose tank top which we made in limited edition too.